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I have recently been extremely inspired by some fresh new images while scrolling through Pinterest. As a photographer, I am always trying to discover new innovative ways to photograph my subjects. I have trailed the under water look before as this was very popular in most recent years with little babies and giant dogs catching balls in the backyard swimming pools. I have photographed woman with elegantly blowing hair, in the wind while on top of a giant sand dunes, but all along thinking how can I bring the magic of a location shoot to my studio? This is when I came across this image!!!

Then I had it! The answer was flowers! From this moment forward I decided to focus on how I can build a beautiful forest look for each and every client. If I built my own backdrops for the studio using creative materials such as silk flowers, leaves and false grass, I could bring this location right to our doorstep! I realised that the idea meant I could customise the look for each person, I could add different materials such as gum nuts and little pieces of fruit depending on the clients look.

Sourcing Materials - Grass & Vines

I started Researching places where I could source my materials, I want to find as many different options as possible. As this idea was developing in my brain I just kept finding more and more amazingly creative versions of this forest look! Most of the images I found had huge setups behind them, such as designers working for months to create and design the shoot look and huge expeditions out to magnificent locations where flowers and grass like this actually exists. I was certain I could bring this look straight to the studio!!

I then decided to go about creating this style in 1 of 2 different ways, I was either going to create the backgrounds in studio myself or possibly even edit the backgrounds in with photoshop. First of all I tested the edited version. I do believe it looks great and has endless possibilities but it just didn't feel or look right. Editing the background in made it feel way to artificial. This technique would be something I would do in the future but was proving to not be the right look I was going for to bring to Minzoet.

Arkie and I decided to source some silk flowers and trial the look at home, we purchased red roses and blue flowers, this was purely just a test done at home on our very own lounge room floor. If it would work there, it would work anywhere. We delicately placed the flowers on the floor and had a family member jump in for us. The images are un edited raw shots, they were taken with a single flash and absolutely nothing else. After doing this raw at home test i know know this is the way to go! I absolutely can't wait to develop this style further! Thanks to Aurora for standing in as our beautiful Model.

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