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The Birth of PhotoBomb@MINZOET

It just takes a single spontanious moment of beautiful time to capture something magic. As a photographer I rarely let a moment pass without photographing it. In recent years I have spent endless hours photographing parties and events, you know how it is, girls with their hands on their hips, leaning foward pouting and hugging, the usual. Although I have spent years photographing events, I also happen to have spent most of my time in the studio, my time in the studio where everything is beautifully designed and costructed creatively by myself to look natural yet absoloutly perfect. I see girls at events with their arms in the air, phone in hand, swivelling in a circle as a group trying to find that perfect "selfie lighting". trust me, I do that too. This is how my Photobomb inspiration was born. Why not bring the elements of a special celebration or party together with those of a beautifully, well lit studio enviroment, equiped with the tools I need to capture every moment as it happens!? This idea excited me so much, the thought of waking up the morning after an incredeble event and having professional, unique and creative studio images to remind me of the special moments I shared with my family or friends sounds almost too good to be true. I absolutely can't wait to shoot my first Photobomb!

These are some of the images which have inspired me the most. In these images Photographer David Lachapelle creates some of the most unreal imagery with groups of people in the Studio. I would like to take these concepts and use them in my own Studio. So Inspiring!

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