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PhotoBomb is Born@MINZOET

When Minna came to me with her concept for PhotoBomb Sessions, I couldn't believe it hadn't been thought of before. It was everything you could want in a Celebration conveniently captured in the most unique and creative way! How many times have you found yourself at a special event wanting to capture the moment in the most special way only to be left feeling you spent the entire event with a camera/phone attached to your face!!! I've done it, you've done it, and you end up thinking "I wish I could just BE present and enjoy this moment. Sadly, on the odd occasion that I have disciplined myself to leave my phone in my pocket and just "enjoy" the moment....I've woken the next day to find that the images captured to remember this occasion by, are nothing but a blurry, overexposed badly timed record of double chins and 'forgettable' facial expressions! SO.....Welcome to the world of the PhotoBomb Session!! Congratulations Minna for conjuring up this brilliant idea! Now it's time to get this session concept off the ground with our first Session coming up to Celebrate a beautiful Sweet Sixteen. I'm SO excited to capture this special day for our client and her parents. Watch this space as PHOTOBOMB Sessions hit the ground running...

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